semi truck with navy blue tractor unit and a shiny silver truck bed

Driver Qualifications

Driver Qualifications: Drivers must be at least 23 years of age, have a minimum of two years over-the-road experience and have a current CDL. It is preferred that a driver not have any major violations in the last three years and no more than three minor violations in the last three years.

Wages & Benefits: We try to be competitive with our wages. We pay our drivers a percentage of the gross earnings to the truck. If a driver doesn’t have any end dump experience, their pay starts at 23% for the first 90 days of employment, which is our probationary period. If a driver has been performing well, they advance to 24% and are paid at that rate for one full year. After the full year at 24%, a driver advances to 25%, which is the ceiling on our pay. Because we increase rates each year, drivers pay will increase year to year. For drivers that have previous end dump experience, their pay starts at 24%.

In addition to regular wages, we offer one week’s paid vacation after the first and second year of employment and two week’s paid vacation after the third year and every year thereafter. We also have a safety bonus and fuel discount bonus. The safety bonus is paid based on safety performance and violations. Typically, this bonus ranges from $1,200 to $1,500 for drivers that were employed with us for a whole year. Our fuel discount bonus rewards drivers for fueling at truck stops that offer discounts on diesel. A driver will receive 20% of each discounted fuel stop.

After the first 60 days of employment, health insurance coverage begins for the driver. Add-on coverage for dependents as well as dental coverage is available with the premium deducted from the weekly paycheck. A $15,000 life insurance policy also begins after 90 days.

General Information: Generally, our dispatchers run the trucks so they are out 10-12 days and home 2-3 days. This may vary depending on driver’s home location and loads available in their home states.

Drivers that don’t have previous experience pulling an end dump will be trained for a few days by running in separate trucks with one of our trainers. The trainer and trainee run identical loads for as long as the trainer deems necessary based on how well the trainee is performing.