Our drivers and owner/operators are essential to the success of our company.  This page is to honor those that have served us for three or more years.


   Company Drivers                    Service Time 

    John Johnson                            14 years

    Randy Wheelis                            8 years

    Kenneth Morphew                       7 years

    Mitch Krzykowski                         9 years

    Robert Wofford                            8 years

    Louis Raymond                             5 years

    Kelly Hembree                              6 years 

    Larry Hefley                                  4 years

    Tim Morris                                     4 years

    Kile Pemberton                              3 years



 Owner/Operators                      Service Time 

    John Koch                                  23 years

    Kevin Wernle                              10 years

    Royce Oakley                                8 years

    Troy Showalter                             7 years

    Anton Loskot                                 5 years

    Larry Tidwell                                 5 years



We can't begin to thank these individuals enough  for their years of

loyalty and service.  Thank you for representing our company so well!



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