If you build it, they will come!

One of the services we provide at Bones Transportation Inc. is that of ball field dirt supplier for baseball and softball infields.  In the last few years we have supplied high-quality ball dirt to recreational facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska and in the Kansas towns of Burlington, Eudora and Lawrence, including the softball fields for the University of Kansas.  Word of mouth among those we have supplied has been very good, largely because the dirt, Red Ball Diamond Aggregate (RBDA) is one of the best playing surfaces in the nation.

RBDA has a number of all-star qualities:

bulletThe 100 percent crushed red dolomite limestone (RBDA) is specially designed to allow water to drain, preventing costly and inconvenient rain-outs for games and practices.  There is no need to add expensive drying agents.
bulletRBDA is a durable, permanent and indestructible aggregate which is easy to maintain.
bulletProperly installed, it will last for decades.
bulletBecause of it's red color, it actually absorbs light; reducing glare so the players and fans will see the ball clearly.

In addition to supplying dirt for infields, we can also supply high-quality warning track material.  In the last two years, we have shipped this material to Major League Baseball stadiums, such as Miller Park in Milwaukee and PNC Park in Pittsburgh.



Call Bones Transportation Inc. toll-free at 1-800-255-6581, extension 105, and let us supply you with an all-star diamond.  These diamonds are forever!


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