Is your head left spinning when trying to find a quality end dump carrier?  Let us take this opportunity to explain the services we provide and maybe we can be of service to you! 

Bones Transportation Inc. operates end dumps only.  We operate 39 tractor/trailers throughout the 48 states. Our trailers are 39 feet in length and we can haul between 22 and 25 tons or up to 60 cubic yards of material, depending on the commodity.  A list of some of the commodities we haul is shown below:


 Rock and Sand        Crushed Glass         Grain                 Ice Control Salt


 Scrap Metal            Rubber Chips           Fertilizer            Cotton Seed


 Feed                     Bakery Waste          Coal and Coke     Apples

This list of commodities covers most of what we haul, but certainly not everything.  With end dumps, we are able to haul any dry bulk commodities and palletized loads as well.  Our trailers are equipped with two-way tailgates that can hinge from the top or from the side, which allows loading and unloading with Bobcats and forklifts and the tailgates all have control-flow chutes that allow for unloading onto conveyors and into augers.  The trailers all have canvas tarps to keep your commodities dry.

In addition to hauling the commodities shown above, we also are able to provide landscape rock and ball field dirt and warning track material for baseball fields, ice-control salt for road treatment and bunker sand for golf courses.  We give our customers a delivered price for these commodities, which would include the cost of both the freight and material.   Most customers find that they save considerable money buying these products through us.

Our freight rates are competitive, no matter what part of the country we service.  Our equipment is dependable, which leads to more reliable and dependable delivery times.

If you think we may be of service to you or if you're needing a quote on a freight rate, we would appreciate your consideration.  Please contact us toll-free at 1-800-255-6581.


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